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“I’ve worked with Kaitlin several times now (and it won’t be the last!) and not only is she an experienced, imaginative and knowledgable fight director, she is just a lovely human being! As an actor herself, she understands how to get the best out of them, easily building the necessary trust and allowing actors to perform things they didn’t think were within their range. Her creativity, problem solving and level headedness make working with her an absolute joy.”

Kash Arshad, Theatre Director.


“Kaitlin is a fine creative Fight Director and a pleasure to work with.”

John Adams, Theatre Director.


“Kaitlin is highly proficient, has the ability to teach at every level and made her classes informative, very beneficial and fun.”

David Fleeshman, Actor and Theatre Director.


“Kaitlin is superb. Her knowledge and skill in Stage Combat has earned her very high marks from her certifying organisation. I’ve observed her with students and she is both patient and demanding to an appropriate degree. As a performer she is exciting to watch. Kaitlin is utterly reliable. Given a task she does it with minimum bother and maximum efficiency. I would take her on my production team in a New York minute and I look forward to working with her again. She is a bright positive presence and puts people at their ease; Kaitlin receives my highest recommendation.”

Lloyd Caldwell, US Fight Director.


“Without Kaitlin’s Fight Direction and knowledge of where to put the camera for the most impact, my project would never have succeeded. The fight scenes she coordinated went beyond anything I expected visually. Not only that but, because she is also an actress, she was able to talk to the actors on their terms and show them how to react to punches for a great performance. I would not hesitate to recommend Kaitlin for any fight work.”

Garry Moore, Film Director.


“I first met Kaitlin when she was the Fight Director for a two-hander play I directed. The play contained scenes of complicated violence which Kaitlin handled brilliantly, instilling great confidence and trust into the actors. I would highly recommend Kaitlin and hope to work with her again in the near future.”

Sue Jenkins, Actress and Theatre Director.


“I have seen Kaitlin in three aspects of her Theatre work. Firstly, as an excellent actor in a play where her character more than held her own in a testosterone-driven play. Secondly, as a Fight Director where her work safely underpinned an episode of staged violence. Thirdly, as a workshop leader introducing novices to the concept of choreographed aggression. I can highly recommend Kaitlin in all three departments and would have no second thoughts about employing her.”

David Slack, Actor and Theatre Director.