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Acting Showreel

A selection of projects featuring Kaitlin.

Fight Performance Showreel

As an APC Stage Combat Instructor and Examiner, plus an Equity Registered Fight Director, Kaitlin can often be found behind the scenes teaching and coordinating the action. However, every so often as an actress she is called upon to perform herself and this reel showcases the odd skill she has picked up over the years!

Firearms Skills Showreel

A selection of skills Kaitlin learned in training with the team at Firearms Training for Film and TV

Podcast Interview 2023

Kaitlin talks about all aspects of her work in this informative and entertaining interview with James Eddleston.

Treasure Island 2016

Birmingham Rep Theatre’s official trailer for their 2016 production of Bryony Lavery’s swashbuckling adventure. Kaitlin was fight captain on the show as well playing female pirate Joan The Goat.

Rehearsing The Alphabet Girl 2015

Along with the writer and director, Kaitlin talks about bringing Moxie Under Fire’s one woman show The Alphabet Girl to life.

The Coldest Queen 2015

Kaitlin plays the title role in this music video for the band Issimo Music.