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Reviews – Directing

The Dumb Waiter – Moxie On Fire – Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool

Moxie On Fire are certainly that with their production of Harold Pinter’s classic one-act play […] with director Kaitlin Howard successfully navigating the potential pitfalls whilst still leaving us with plenty to reflect on at it’s conclusion. […] Howard successfully orchestrates the growing suspense as the characters bemusement fizzles into something more physical although it remains nigh on impossible to anticipate the surprisingly shocking outcome that is in store.”

Mark Davoren, North West End, June 2024

Much Ado About Nothing – The Cambridge Shakespeare Festival

“Howard’s use of space was magnificent, the actors were everywhere, the interactions with the audience were absolutely stunning, and there were many brilliant things in this play. […] There was much spontaneous applause, there was laughter throughout… it was impressive to see how often it happened. […] There were dozens of great little touches all the way through this production, so much thought had been put into it and it was so perfectly carried off.”

Andy Muir, Shakespeare in Cambridge Review (audio transcription), August 2019