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Stage Combat Equity Registered Fight Director.
Senior Stage Combat Instructor for The Academy of Performance Combat.
Examiner for The Academy of Performance Combat.
Firearms NFA Member.
Level 1 (Basic) Firearm Training for Film & TV.
Level 2 (Advanced) Firearm Training for Film & TV.
Instructors Benjamin Leonides and Stuart McNeill.
Fencing BAF Gold Award in Foil. Instructor Angela Goodall.
BAF Gold Award in Epée. Instructor Mick Johnson.
Martial Arts 4th Kyu – Orange Belt – Traditional Ryu Aikido. Sensei Mike Presgrave.
3rd Cup – Orange Sash – Lau Gar Kung Fu. Instructor Paul Reed.
5th Grade – Blue Belt – BCKA Kickboxing. Instructor Al Partridge.
Weapon Skills
Smallsword, Single Rapier, Case of Rapiers, Rapier & Gauntlet, Rapier & Dagger, Knife, European Broadsword, Sword & Buckler, Sword & Cloak, Sheathed Sword, Katana, Oriental Broadsword, Nunchakus, Quarter Staff, Short Staff, Unarmed and Stage Martial Arts. Film staging, in the round staging, group fighting, special effects and sound effects. Some training in Firearms and Bullwhip with USA Fight Director Lloyd Caldwell and in Bartitsu with NZ Fight Director Tony Wolf.