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Voice Reel

Spoken Word

Primary Faction

The introductary narration for the radio series version of the award winning cult web series Chronicles of Syntax. American accent.

Primary Faction

A scene from the radio series version Chronicles of Syntax. Kaitlin plays the Russian villain Fenway.

The Newark Passion

Kaitlin is the second female voice in this audio piece for the crucifixion scene from the play.

Echoes from One to Another

Rudi Arapahoe’s ambient album featuring Kaitlin’s spoken voice. Lincolnshire accent. Kaitlin’s vocals appear at approx 50seconds.

Echoes from One to Another

Another track from Rudi Arapahoe’s ambient album. Lincolnshire accent. Kaitlin’s vocals appear at approx 3min 30seconds.



Song for Marion

Composed by Jez Lowe for Badapple Theatre’s¬†production of Eddie and The Gold Tops.

Martha’s Harbour

HCP arrangement of the song by All About Eve.


Recorded for a charity album to raise money for a rejuvination project.

Sailing Dream

Original composition and performance by Kaitlin.

C’est Major

Original song composed (music and lyrics) by Kaitlin for Les Mis РLe Panto! Performed by the cast with William Tombs and Kaitlin on vocals.



The Alphabet Girl

Along with writer and director Renny Krupinski, Kaitlin talks to John Murray from K107-FM (Fife, Scotland) about taking The Alphabet Girl to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.



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