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Fight Scene from The Cabin

A short film  directed by Tom Hutchinson, whilst in his second year as a film student at Salford University. This segment is a fight sequence co-ordinated by Kaitlin.

Fight Scene from Ceaseless

A short film directed by Charlie Stackhouse for Thiiird productions, featuring this sequence co-ordinated and choreographed by Kaitlin.

HARD Film Trailer

Kaitlin coordinated the violence on this project for SHAM Films, directed by Garry Moore.

Rebecca Hickey Showreel Fight – Unarmed

Kaitlin provided the Fight Direction for this showreel scene. Both actors had been trained in APC Stage Combat Certification to Advanced Level by Kaitlin in the past and they approached her to help them create this scene.

Alexander Croft and Savvas Basanov Showreel Fight – Broadsword

Kaitlin provided the Fight Direction for this showreel scene. Neither actor had done any sword fighting of any kind before the filming date and so the process involved teaching the actors the techniques needed, setting and rehearsing the fight and then filming it… all on the same day.

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